Sunday, March 13, 2011

1 (or 2... or 3...) Ingredient Ice Cream

As far as bananas go, I'm not too crazy about them. I like them because they are portable and easy but truthfully they aren't the best tasting to me. I buy them though and I think that now I just wait for them to get inedible so I can use them for fun banana experiments like this.

This recipe is literally just bananas. I added coconut milk for flavor and I would also recommend some peanut butter or cocoa powder. Just banana by itself is good though, it doesn't taste too potently like banana (which is ideal for me). The texture of only frozen banana is exactly like that of soft serve ice cream. It's uncanny.

It makes this crumbly sandy mixture for a while and your food processor groans and struggles... or at least mine does... Also it is imperative that you slice the bananas BEFORE freezing them otherwise there will be even more struggling.
Then, like magic, the mixture gets creamy just like ice cream. Vegan ice cream! Healthy ice cream! Ice cream to eat for breakfast!

Frozen bananas
peanut butter, coconut milk, or cocoa powder (optional)

Slice bananas about 1/4 of an inch thick and freeze, this will probably only take about an hour or two. Put the banana slices into a food processor and blend until the mixture gets creamy. Add in one or two of the optional ingredients and blend some more. Either eat it up right away or freeze again to scoop out later.

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