Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Portobello Pineapple Sandwiches

By all food conventions that I have learned in my brief career as a home cook, this combination of pineapples and portobello mushrooms shouldn't work. However, according to my roots, any sandwich with sauteed portobello mushrooms have been excellent. I now have another delicious way to utilize the magnificent portobello. I was telling a coworker that I was vegetarian and proceeded to go on about my obsession with mushrooms so she told me about this great sandwich she makes that I would love. She said it was on ciabatta bread too which is my favorite bread. Alas! no recipe! so I went to searching for my own version of her magnificent sandwich and I found something similar on the whole foods website. so sign me up.

In addition to the pineapples and mushrooms marinaded in some lovely Asian juice I added some plain coleslaw mix which has replaced normal vegetables and salad for me. It's admittedly one of my stranger tastes. A quick food and economics related sidenote: In I think it was the 1960's an economist (the name escapes me now of course) came up with the most cost efficient diet that fulfills all nutritional requirements and it included only five components: wheat flour, dried navy beans, spinach, evaporated milk, and cabbage. So the way I see it is that my cole slaw mix is getting my cost efficient, nutrient rich food in the mix.

Every once in a blue moon your boyfriend is right about something. This time he was right about liquid amino instead of soy sauce. He told me about how healthy it was but I wasn't going to accept this unless it tasted good too-- I have had very good experiences with soy sauce in my past. I'm pretty sure there was a phase of my life where white rice with soy sauce was one of my favorite foods.
I soaked all of the ingredients together in fridge for about an hour so they would drink up all of the good teriyaki taste.
Attentive readers may notice my new pan! I found a cast iron skillet at the thrift store for six dollars and I bought it so that I could make a frittatta and say the word frittatta over and over again. so fun!

Anyway I got the recipe right from the whole foods website but I changed it up just a bit. my recipe is for only two people but I think we made more sandwiches than just two.

6 oz tray of sliced portobello mushrooms
1/2 of the pineapple rings in a 20 oz can. reserve the juice.
1 1/2 Tbsp liquid amino or soy sauce
1 Tbsp brown sugar
1 clove of garlic minced
1/2 Tbsp grated fresh ginger
1/2 Tbsp toasted sesame oil
olive oil for sauteeing
small loaf of ciabatta bread
assorted sandwich toppings

1. Arrange the portobello mushrooms and pineapple rings in a baking dish. In a small bowl whisk together 1/2 cup pineapple juice with the liquid amino, sugar, garlic, ginger and sesame oil. Pour the mixture over the mushrooms and pineapples. Gently toss to coat then cover the tray and place in the refrigerator. Let sit for one to two hours, turning every once in a while.

2. Heat up about 1 Tbsp olive oil in a skillet on medium high heat. Meanwhile, slice and toast bread in the oven. Add the Portobello mushrooms to the skillet and cook for about 5 minutes until cooked through, gently stirring.

3. Assemble sandwiches and eat up right away.


  1. Oh my! What a creative and unique dish! I love portabello mushrooms and I love pineapple, and would have never considered combining them, but I'm game (especially if they're as wonderful as you say!) -- great post!

  2. I completely missed the first time around that you used liquid aminos! I feel like a total dork! :)

    Please post as many recipes as you like on that linky! I'll be promoting it again soon! :)

  3. I was wondering if you noticed =)


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