Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Health-ified Cucumber Salad

So my mom makes this great cucumber salad and since I was tempted into buying an egregious amount of cucumbers at the farmers market I asked for the recipe. I soon realized why it was so tasty all along. Half a cup of sour cream and half a cup of mayonnaise. While I love both of those ingredients and I'm generally quite happy to eat something that's unhealthy but in this case I decided to health-ify it up as best I can. Also I didn't have sour cream or mayonnaise so it made complete sense.

I did have a lot of Greek yogurt on hand though, as per usual, and have recently determined that I can interchange sour cream with yogurt in all recipes. Anny baked goods that call for sour cream? Hello Greek yogurt. I think I even used it with salsa and nachos one day. The good thing though is that I've been told that Greek yogurt is healthy for me.

I think I've mentioned that I really like peeling things and this time I decided to get pretty fancy with it. Look at those stripes. So artful.
I recently said that I couldn't possibly own any more kitchen devices and that I have all that I need but I think a mandolin would have been nice for this. Really though, there is always another tool you can buy for your kitchen. I was looking on ebay the other day at those apple corers that look like clamps and also peel and dice the apples. I think they are really really cool but I honestly don't need one. I want everything though.

Also, the most important part about this picture is that they are in a strainer and I have sprinkled some salt on top so they will sweat out some of the liquid and get yummy and salty. This would have been more effective with a mandoline too and the slices were thinner.
I made my own tomato soup that night too! The recipe for that will likely come someday as well. It was a really nice dinner and let me use up all of my produce and some fresh herbs that were getting wilted but now I miss them all.

2 cucumbers peeled (optional) and sliced very thin
sea salt
chopped fresh chives (about 2 Tbsp)
chopped fresh dill (about 2 Tbsp)
2/3 cup Greek yogurt
1 tsp lemon juice
cracked pepper

1. Slice the cucumbers as thinly as possible then place in a strainer and sprinkle lightly with salt Toss the cucumbers around so they are equally covered in the salt. Put the strainer on a plate because water will leak out and let sit for about an hour. Pat the cucumber slices with a paper towel to dry them off a bit.

2. Mix together the fresh herbs, yogurt and lemon juice. Add the cucumber slices and stir until they are all well coated. Add pepper to taste and serve immediately.

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