Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beet Hummus

So that same problem I have with eggplant transfers over to beets. I really want to like them but have never found a way to. From everyone I have talked to about beets I've only heard that they taste like dirt or they are in love! Though during pregnancy especially, some women crave dirt or clay (Truth!) so maybe that could explain their appeal. I think that nature was cruel to the beet in making it so vibrant and lovely to look at yet so generally distasteful. That all being said about how much I dislike them, I think I have found a solution that even the illustrious Dwight Schrute would be proud of. It's the same basic formula as the lasagna where you take something you know and love but combine with a foreign flavor. This recipe marries the unlikely players beet and hummus. I was instantly won over by the unconventional color of this but continued to love it well after just looking at it. Personally, I am a fan of tahini but some people find that as distasteful as a beet and if that is the case than this recipe probably isn't for you. Also, apparently tahini here only comes in a bucket so don't be surprised if there are more recipes featuring it soon.

I treated this just like regular hummus and served with pita chips and vegetables. My favorite was bringing a little tupperware full of the hummus to school and eating it with some celery sticks. O. I'm back to school now which is seriously debilitating my cooking time. Luckily this recipe is less than labor intensive.

I got found this recipe on Not Without Salt and fell in love so instantly that I wasn't even phased by traumatic remembrances of my mom at the salad bar trying to convince me that beets are fantastic.

3 Medium beets roasted*, peeled, then cut into chunks
2 Tbsp tahini paste
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 clove garlic
1/4 cup olive oil
salt to taste

1. Blend the first five ingredients in a food processor until creamy. Add salt to taste and then serve.

*I did a hefty bit of research on roasting beets because I got a different method from every website I checked out. I would recommend putting beets with stems and roots cut off into pan lined with foil and rubbed with a tiny bit of olive oil and then into a preheated oven at 375 degrees until a knife is easily inserted or about an hour.

And yes, the * is longer than my official instructions.


  1. What a lively bright color! It looks really good.I saw your blog from the foodie blog roll and I like what you have here.if you won't mind I'd love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the beet widget to the end of this post and it's all set, Thanks!

  2. I just learned to like beets this fall - I bet even my beet hating children would like this recipe!

  3. Love this color! And, I love beets, but have never thought of using them this way! I love it!

    Thanks for sharing with Dr. Laura's Tasty Tuesday!

    Dr. Laura

  4. Well as a beet-hating adult I can vouch for this recipe and almost certainly say that even beet-hating children will love it.


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