Friday, July 30, 2010

Forbidden Rice Pudding

  So my mom has made this pudding before and it's awesome but I can never find the rice and I always have to mooch off of her rice supplies. I guess the Whole Foods in Colorado Springs is bigger. This is the brand I found after thoroughly scouring the Whole Foods near me. Meanwhile I've been stocking up on cans of coconut milk like they're going out of style. Finally the planets aligned and I found a bag of the forbidden rice I had been craving so much. Yes! This pudding is really easy... When you look at it, it's basically just cooking rice but the results are so amazing. My only problem with it is how long it takes to cook on such low heat with so much water. I inevitably get tired of waiting and end up turning the heat up to medium low and then the rice ends up still a little bit nutty (can al dente apply to rice?) but I still like it this way. It makes it even further from a traditional goopy rice pudding. The rice is amazingly unique, it starts out black and then cooks into a pretty purple. It takes on sweetness really well too. The addition of the coconut is great too. I saw South Pacific last night and I feel like the islanders would totally make this. It seems very Asian and very island-friendly. On a side note, South Pacific was amazing!!! But now to the important stuff.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Portobello Mushroom Sandwiches

 One simply can't go wrong with a giant portobello mushroom cap. Doesn't it just look amazing? It's nearly impossible to make the thing taste bad especially when they are as huge as the ones I found in safeway. Just the same though, I wanted to do something fun with them so I made a sandwich. A delicious sandwich. I used the bread I bought from panera... since I use their wifi so much it is only fair that I throw them a bone and buy their bread. And then I made a sort of deconstructed coleslaw for the mushroom to sit on top of. Of course any toppings would be completely acceptable in my book but I really like coleslaw. There is an amazing vegetarian restaurant near me called watercourse and my favorite sandwich there also has a portobello mushroom and some coleslaw. They call it a po' boy. Who knows where that came from because I don't know how close it is to an authentic po' boy. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? so here is my version.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jam filled crumb bars

 So I'm still away from my precious internet so I'm still doing these in various coffee shops. I like to think that the caffeine makes me type faster. What also makes me type faster? a various assortment of desserts including this one. It's so super easy and surprisingly super delicious. It's a pretty simple shortbread essentially baked with jam or preserves inside. The topping is nice and crumbly and the inside is gooey and sticky. I used blueberry preserves just for the hell of it and I think that they look nice that way. I also feel that bar desserts are underrated. They really are super convenient and truly my favorite. I prefer them to cookies because I just get to layer all of the ingredients down and throw them in the oven. I get to make the portion sizes my own and it just seems like much less work than spooning out individual cookies and you reap essentially the same rewards. But back to the point, amazing amazing blueberry jam bars.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rice Pancakes

 So truth be told, I normally eat fancy breakfasts that aren't cereal, fruit, a muffin, or last night's dinner only for an excuse to slather maple syrup over something. And not the fake syrup either, I can't stand that stuff, I will eat pancakes plain before I try to swallow that sugar water with a hint of maple flavoring. I'm talking to you village inn. Despite that, I really do love these unique pancakes with or without the syrup (though preferably with). They have successfully managed to be both fluffy and rich at the same time. They are super filling though so beware. My mom makes them and her mom made them and now I'm making them on my own because they are that good. Even my boyfriend, a proclaimed hater of breakfast, (it's a miracle we get along because breakfast has always been my true love... It's the only meal of the day when eating something sweet is acceptable) liked these. The recipe yields much more pancakes than necessary for two people but the batter keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days. And don't worry, you'll definitely want to make them again within the next couple of days!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Falafel and Tzatziki

So thank the lord again for the free wifi at Panera bread. I have no tv and no internet at home so it's sad but the amount of dignity that comes with not suckling the teat of comcast anymore makes it all worthwhile. Thank you also to red box and the two papers I have to write for keeping me occupied. So now I'm at a Panera bread drinking tea and writing a blog. How chic of me! but to the important stuff. This stuff.

I love falafel. The Mediterranean diet and I get along so well. There is an excellent little hole in the wall called Jerusalem in Denver and in my humble opinion they have absolutely fantastic falafel there and baklava and hummus and dolmas. It's really all fantastic but the service is questionable. Also it's kind of a drive to get there.So what is the solution to the problem? Make your own! I had always assumed that because falafel is so damn delicious it would be difficult to make but that couldn't be farther from the truth. The process involves throwing everything into a blender and then frying it. While a deep fryer would have been nice for this recipe, I'm still glad I don't have one because I know that I would fry absolutely everything in my kitchen. Deep fried grapes anyone? And besides, a shallow fry in a couple of tablespoons of oil worked out just fine. The falafel had a crunchy shell on the outside and the inside was cooked through yet still awesomely creamy. It tasted very traditional and just like I could but anywhere else. O! and the tzatziki, also known as the best sauce in the world. I used to make huge batches of this when I still lived at my parents house. So I put the tzatziki and the falafel into pitas with some veggies. It was an awesome meal to say the least. The recipe to follow.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cheerio Bars

So this is the second time I have made these bars and they tend to disappear in two or three days because they are quite awesome. Also they are super easy with a total of four ingredients and minimal effort or attention required. After my first time, I learned a few things that can definitely improve the overall result.First of all, crunchy peanut butter if you like crunch. The first time I combined both crunchy and creamy because I wasn't really sure I wanted little chunks of peanuts. Don't bother with creamy peanut butter unless you really can't stand chunks. Second, honey nut cheerios make the bars way more sweet than they need to be, I would opt for the plain cheerios. in this instance you will also be less tempted to sit on the couch and eat cheerios out of the bag as well. win win! but seriously, you are coating them in sugar and honey, it's not necessary for them to start out sweet. The final result is awesome. So awesome that I've been able to convince myself that it's A-OK to eat them for breakfast. They're made with breakfast cereal right? And I made them myself so they must be more healthy than the breakfast bars they sell in the store... So why not eat them with every meal of the day? Well my power died at home so feel free to thank Panera's free wifi.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eggs in Purgatory Sandwich

So I have recently fallen head over heels in love with this recipe. It's unbearably easy and so delicious and satisfying. What is it? four ingredients or something. Most of which I always have in my fridge. Basically it is a quick tomato sauce that you cook eggs in, put them on a piece of bread and already it's done. I tried to explain to my boyfriend the concept of an open-faced sandwich and he still doesn't really buy it. I guess he's right, I mean whats the difference between and open-faced sandwich and just toast? but I stand by this as a sandwich and an awesome one at that. And should my boyfriend have any more comments on the subject I will stop feeding these to him and he will cry. Of course, because I'm cool I made some sauteed spinach to go on top. recipe after the break (click read more!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vegan Pizza

So first of all, let me apologize for a general lack of pictures here but that should let anyone know that this recipe goes by really quickly and is so easy that it would be nearly redundant for me to include multiple pictures of chopped vegetables and more chopped vegetables. That's really all this is though is chopped vegetables. Luckily though, they taste excellent and the overall is certainly reminiscent of a pizza. I am by no means vegan but I do enjoy having vegan meals every once in a while. I am a huge proponent for eggs and cheese and so are the many people I have made this for but you don't really miss them at all in this. The flavor of fresh roasted vegetables with a nice hummus is good enough for anyone. recipe after the jump of course.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Whole Foods Pizza

I have now found the easiest solution for dinner ever. Whole foods sells some pretty fantastic raw pizza dough which is good for me because I have a phobia of yeast. The best part about it though as opposed to going to some pizza shop and getting their dough: only seven ingredients! no scary dyes, preservatives, or corn products. So all in all, very little skill necessary and the final product is delicious.
So i let my dough rise and get to room temperature for a few hours and then split the dough into two halves. Since I am by no means a professional pizza maker (I spent a grand total of three days working at a Little Caesars about 2 years ago... the skills I learned there really hasn't helped me out here) the dough becomes much more manageable in smaller portions. I really just looked through my fridge for toppings, I had no real desire to buy anything else and I am really very liberal with my toppings. I don't care if it's a so called "traditional" topping or not. Really, the toppings are just leftovers from the quiche I made earlier. The quiche tasted good so why shouldn't the same ingredients on a pizza taste equally good? And the pizza did taste good! The dough was bready and fluffy and the ingredients were just salty and flavorful enough. This is just my version though, the dough is a canvas that you could put anything on. ANYTHING!! recipe after the jump

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Asparagus and goat cheese quiche

O asparagus, I love you but I simply can't eat you plain. I wish that I could just steam you and enjoy you but I simply can't. But no fear! Cut up, you work so well in so many recipes that I forget about how I don't like you plain.
I've made this recipe before and I constantly like it. The first quiche I've ever really liked in fact. According to the Rachael Ray magazine, this is healthier than a normal quiche but you wouldn't know it from the taste. The healthy elements includea whole wheat tortilla crust and some greek yogurt mixed in with the eggs. The yogurt, despite being one of the healthy elements, makes the eggs super creamy and I think I may actually prefer the tortilla crust to a traditional pie crust. I could never get over using the same pie crust I would fill with apples and cherries to fill with savory onions and eggs. But beyond that, it tastes delicious and is quite crunchy and nice. Fill that crust with some great vegetables and eggs and you have a great brunch or breakfast quiche. serve with some mimosas, some fresh fruit and maybe some of those carrot muffins from earlier and tada! brunch! so click read more to read more of course!